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Please read through this information (revised Jan 2021) before clicking on "request an event" at bottom of the page.  You should receive a reply email within 1 to 2 days confirming your request, or explaining why it was denied.           NOT ALL REQUESTS ARE APPROVED

This chart may help save everyone some time (by not requesting in-appropriate events). If you have questions about whether your event is appropriate, or want to appeal a denied request click on "contact us" above.

Furthermore, some events require the following estimated facility use reimbursement fees:
(scheduler will advise you if these apply to your event/organization): 

Facility Cost Notes
Gymnasium $50/hr 2 hr min - $10 setup fee
Auditorium $20/hr $10 to use the projector
Aux rooms (101-107) $10/hr Per room
Softball fields (un-lit) $20/hr Per field, user sets field up
Softball fields (lighted) $25/hr Per field, user sets field up
Soccer fields (un-lit) $20/hr For both fields, user sets field up
Soccer fields (lighted) $25/hr For both fields, user sets field up

location of supplies and cleaning equipment

·         Remove all decorations.

·         Run dust brooms over entire surface of wood floors. Sweep tiled floors. Mop as needed.

·         Vacuum carpeted floors as needed.

·         In the serving areas, wipe down all counters and sinks and mop floors if necessary.

·         Remove all food from refrigerator and take the garbage out to the dumpster.

·         Check bathrooms and clean and dry the wet areas. Wheel, cart or carry all trash (including bathrooms) to the dumpster

·         Custodial closets are across from the kitchen, and also near south restrooms.

·         Return extra chairs and tables to storage. 1 table can be left in each of these rooms, along with these amounts of chairs: 101=90, 102=50, 103=20, 104=20, 105=20, 106=20, 107=60 (regardless of how many were in there when you arrived)

·         Remove all personal items, such as phones, purses, clothing, food, drinks etc.

·         Last of all, turn off a/c units, turn off all lights (except security lighting), and lock all exterior doors (if it appears you are last to leave the area).



·        NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED IN GYMNASIUM, and no red or blue punch ANYWHERE, as they cause permanent staining.

·        No toys or recreational devices that have wheels allowed to be used in building.  No devices which can mark up floor/walls such as soccer balls, Frisbees, footballs, etc.

·        Appliances in serving area are for warming food only.  Food should be cooked/prepared prior to arrival. Clean the ovens if you use them. No Sterno type stoves, or any other open flame.

·       There are no kitchen supplies/utensils. Bring whatever you think you’ll need, including cleaning supplies (soap, rags, scrubbers, etc.). Be sure and use strainers to catch food as there are no food disposals.

·        Children must be supervised. There are controls/switches that can be reached which shouldn’t be tampered with. Do not allow them to push around any device with wheels as damage to walls/floors may result. No climbing on bleachers. If children will be doing crafts, please cover and protect the tables you use.

·        If tape is used it needs to be high quality gaff tape so it doesn't leave a residue. No putty or   other adhesives on the walls, floors or furniture.

·        No tobacco, alcohol or coffee on church property.

·        All behavior (music/dance/dress/language) to be in line with church standards at FTSOY

·        No chairs, tables, video, audio or other equipment to be removed from building without permission.


-All events, and users of these facilities must be covered by liability insurance.

-Repeating events will likely be restricted to 8 weeks if there is a high demand for the room/field being used (even after your reservation has been confirmed).

  (EX: In Aug 2021 you request an event for every week in Mar 2022. Even though your event may be approved and placed on the calendar, it is still in a very tentative stage until after Jan 1, 2022. By then local Church units will have had a chance to get their events on the 2022 calendar)

Please DO NOT fill out the form below until you understand and agree to all of the content above - thank you

(After completing form, scroll back up to this area if you want to see a submission confirmation)
QUICK ENTRY TIP: Using the tab key after each entry is very helpful


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