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Please read through this information (revised Nov 9, 2017) before clicking on "request an event" at bottom of the page.  After you submit your request it will be reviewed by our scheduling specialist. She does an excellent job of insuring proper use of this wonderful facility so that it can remain available to outside users.


This "chances of approval" chart may help save you and her some time (by not requesting in-appropriate events). If you have questions about whether your event is appropriate, or want to appeal a denied request click on "contact us" above.

Furthermore, some events require the following use fees:
(scheduler will advise you if these apply to your event/organization): 

Un-lit Soccer fields - $15/hr - per field                        Un-lit Softball Fields - $20/hr - per field  (field prep $10 if needed)
Lighted soccer fields - $20/hr - per field                  Lighted Softball fields - $25/hr - per field  (field prep $10 if needed)
Gymnasium - $50/hr (2 hour minimum - $10 setup fee)                Rooms 101-107 $10/hr                   Auditorium - $20/hr

location of supplies and cleaning equipment

·         Remove all decorations.

·         Run dust brooms over entire surface of wood/tiled floors. Mop as needed.

·         In carpeted area vacuum floor as needed.

·         In the serving areas, wipe down all counters and sinks and mop floors if necessary.

·         Remove all food from refrigerator and take the garbage out to the dumpster.

·         Check bathrooms and clean and dry the wet areas. Wheel, cart or carry all trash (including bathrooms) to the dumpster

·         Custodial closets are across from the kitchen, and also near south restrooms.

·         Return extra chairs and tables to storage. 1 table can be left in each of these rooms, along with these amounts of chairs: 101=90, 102=30, 103=30, 104=50, 105=20, 106=20, 107=50 (regardless of how many were in there when you arrived)

·         Remove all personal items, such as phones, purses, clothing, food, drinks etc.

·         Last of all, turn off a/c units, turn off all lights (except security lighting), and lock all exterior doors.



·         NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED IN GYMNASIUM, and no red or blue punch ANYWHERE, as they cause permanent staining.

·         No toys or recreational devices that have wheels.  No devices which can mark up floor/walls such as soccer balls, frisbees,

      footballs, etc.

·         Food is to be served only in carpeted areas.

·         Appliances in serving area are for warming food only.  Food should be cooked/prepared prior to arrival. Clean the ovens if you use them. Do not bring or use any other appliance, including Sterno type stoves.

·         There are no kitchen supplies/utensils. Bring whatever you think you’ll need, including cleaning supplies (soap, rags, scrubbers, etc.). Be sure and use strainers to catch food as there are no food disposals.

·         No open flames or flame devices are permitted anywhere on church property.

·         Children must be supervised. There are controls/switches that can be reached which shouldn’t be tampered with. Do not allow them to push around any device with wheels as damage to walls/floors may result. No climbing on bleachers. If children will be doing crafts, please cover and protect the tables you use.

·         No tape of any kind (including duct tape, painters tape, masking tape, etc.) to be used on wood floor, carpet, walls or wood trim. No glitter on costumes, decorations or crafts. Also, no putty or other adhesives on the walls, floors or furniture.

·         No tobacco, alcohol or coffee on church property.

·         All music, dance and dress to be in accordance with church standards. FTSOY

·         No chairs, tables, video, audio or other equipment to be removed from building without permission.

·         All activities must comply with church standards and teachings and conform to the HANDBOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS. Refer to the “For the Strength of Youth” booklet as a guide for standards.

 (All requests are subject to approval, and can be denied by an ISC authority - ANYTIME).
-YOUR EVENT IS NOT SCHEDULED UNTIL YOU MAKE AN ONLINE RESERVATION AND RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL. All events, and users of these facilities must be covered by liability insurance.

Please DO NOT fill out the form below until you understand and agree to all of the content above - thank you

(After completing form, scroll back up to this area if you want to see a submission confirmation)
QUICK ENTRY TIP: Using the tab key after each entry is very helpful


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